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Version 1.0 2023-01-19


This privacy policy ("Prvacy Policy") applies when KNOWING ME ID LIMITED, United Kingdom Company No. 14416416, headquartered at Unit 1, Trough Head, Carlisle, United Kingdom ("KnowingMe") provides an mobile application "KnowingMe ID" ("Service").

What Personal Information is processed and stored?

KnowingMe ID allows you to scan a Passport or a National ID card using NFC. Additionally a face verification and liveness check is carried out using a selfie picture and the photo from the document to make sure you are the legitimate owner of the Identity document. Within 24 hours after being onboarded, all of your personal information is deleted on any server. Your identity credentials are then stored on your mobile device, controlled only by you.

To verify the validity of the chip in the document, the Service will temporarily have access to all of the information in the chip. After validation is done on the phone, the information is sent to KnowingMe's technical partner Svipe where it is validated again and proofs of correctness are created and stored. Svipe is issuing certificates containing all the read information that are sent back to the KnowingMe application and being stored in the secure enclave (or equivalent) of the phone.

The following information might be processed (pending of data available in your document):

Data that is read from the chip in the biometric ID-document:

  1. Document Type
  2. Issuing State
  3. Complete Name
  4. Document Number
  5. Nationality
  6. Date of Birth
  7. Gender
  8. Date of Expiry
  9. Image file with photo of holder

Data read from the chip in the biometric document when available:

  1. Personal identification number, Tax Identification Number or similar
  2. Image file of signature
  3. Place of Birth
  4. Address
  5. Phone number
  6. Profession
  7. Title
  8. Date of Issue

Data collected by the app to verify liveness and to guard against fraud:

  1. Photos of the user
  2. Video data
  3. Geolocation data

Additional data if provided by the user:

  1. Mobile phone number
  2. E-mail address
  3. Address data
  4. Social media profiles

What Non-Personal Information is collected and why?

For the continuous improvement of the service, we need to collect the usage information. This usage information does not contain personal information. Moreover, Neither KnowingMe nor Svipe cannot directly or indirectly relate the usage information to a specific person. Usage information will only be used for improving the quality of the app and not for other purposes. The service will only retain the information for as long as is necessary to fulfill the specified purpose.

KnowingMe ID collects the following Usage Information:

  1. Phone details, including phone type, iOS version, and memory size. We do not collect information that is unique for a certain phone.
  2. What type of identity document was scanned and read: was the scan successful, was the chip read successfully, what country issued the identity document, the document signing certificate as stored on the chip, and the date of expiry. We collect the date of expiry since this allows us to determine the version of the scanned identity document.
  3. Usability information: how long the different steps take if a user managed to go through all steps and usage frequency.

Personal Data Controller and Data Protection Officer

  1. KnowingMe is the data controller in relation to the processing of your personal data and is responsible for ensuring that the processing takes place in accordance with applicable legislation.
  2. Technology partner Svipe is acting as a Data processor towards KnowingMe as they carry the service of validating and reissuing user credentials.
  3. Any Relying Party using the service for age, gender or full ID-verification is a Data controller of your personal data and KnowingMe and Svipe is acting as Data processor towards them when supplying the service.
  4. KnowingMe has appointed Bradley Kieser as the Data Privacy Officer ("Data Privacy Officer"). The Data Privacy Officer also has the duty of monitoring that KnowingMe processes personal data in accordance with applicable legislation. Contact information for the Data Protection Officer is, +441228217333.

How we process your Personal Data

KnowingMe will process your personal data in order to carry out the service of ID-verification and authentication towards contracted Relying Parties. Any data being shared is done so with your explicit consent clearly showing the name and logo of the relying party as well as their reason for collecting this data.

You can withdraw a provided consent done during onboarding towards KnowingMe at any time by providing written notification to or simply deleting the app. To withdraw consents done in the KnowingMe app towards Relying Parties you need to contact them directly.

How is the Personal Data secured?

During the time period that personal data is stored in our logs (maximum of 24 hours) it is encrypted with strong cryptographic keys using asymmetric encryption.

The Personal data is stored on the user app in the secure enclave (or equivalent) of the phone.

Personal data is, when temporarily stored, held in servers within the European Union, and handled according to the EU GDPR regulations and guidelines.

At any time, you may request your personal data to be removed from KnowingMe by contacting us at

Sharing of Personal Data

KnowingMe is sharing personal data only with third parties as part of their Service. KnowingMe will not share personal data with any other third party.

KnowingMe might share your non-personalised data with authorities for legal purposes.


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Changes in this Privacy Statement

This privacy statement may change from time to time. If the changes are significant or reduce the rights of users, then KnowingMe ID will provide a prominent notice.

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